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iO Influencer Loyalty Card - The Privilege You Deserve!

IMPACT ONE CLUB - A Loyalty-Based Influencer Marketing Platform powered by Dot Club Universe is privailing the market with its exclusive iO Loyalty Cards. Running the Biggest Influencer Engagement Program stands as a priority of Impact One to Ace in the Industry

iO Loyalty Cards empowers Influencers with exquisite discounts and offers from top notch Cafes, Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Lounges, etc Pan India. Alongside these cards are also a sign of special iO Influencer Membership that bestows multiple collaboration of opportunities via Impact One Influencer Marketing Platform.

Our iO Loyalty Cards- Influencer One, Gold, and Platinum Card provides privilege to content creators who add peerless value to every work. These privileges unique cafe-club discounts and collaborations a design to dignify the presence of Influencers at Impact One. It doesn't only help us create a wonderful iO Influencer Club, but also helps content creators to create a brighter professional career by collaborating with reputed brands across the country and enjoying the exclusivity of being an iO Influencer.

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