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IMPACT ONE - The Influencer Marketing Platform powered by Dot Club Universe is prevailing in the market with its exclusive iO Influencer Cards. Impact One has the opulent Influencer Engagement Program that provide Influencers with iO Influencer Cards offering a range of cafe-club deals & discounts along with brand collaboration opportunities.

We bestow Brands of every industrial domain with a Influencer Marketing solution that includes active Influencer base. Impact One, also enables both ‘Self Drive’ and ‘On-demand Campaign Management’ for onboarded partners to have a worthy experience with its platform. Let your brand leverage the power of Influence to ace your marketing moves!


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  • Visit ‘Partner’ Page & click on ‘Login’.
  • Login with OTP then Create Partner Profile & submit.
  • Get onboarded then visit the dashboard again to Create Your Next Campaign.
  • Fill in the form below & submit.
  • Team will reach out with quotation.
  • Campaign will be designed & initiated with exclusive reporting & approvals on each step.

What’s Our Magic Sauce?

Wide Range of Active Influencers

At Impact One, we've curated an extensive network of active influencers from various niches and industries. Our diverse pool of influencers ensures that you'll find the perfect match for your brand and campaign goals. Influencers at iO are active, passionate and professionals creators.

Self-Drive or On-Demand Campaign Management

With Impact One, you can take the wheel and use our intuitive dashboard for self-driven campaigns, or opt for on-demand campaign management. Our dedicated team will handle everything from strategizing exclusive approaches to finding the right influencers, executing campaigns, and reports.

Influencer Marketing Automation

Our advanced automation features empower you to supercharge your influencer marketing efforts. From campaign publish to influencer discovery, content review, task approval,& more, we offer a suite of powerful features that streamline campaign management.